Mussel Debysser

Atlantic Systems designs and fabricates three sizes of Debyssers. The Series 300 Debysser (pictured), with a production rate of 3000 lbs/hr, is designed to accommodate the large-scale processor. The Series 100 and 200 Debyssers, with production rates of 1000 and 2000 lbs/hr respectively, are more suited to individual growers and mid-sized plants whose production requirements are not as heavy as that of a large processing plant. Designed to gently remove the byssel thread with minimal stress to the mussel, these units can be fed manually or by a speed-controlled hopper conveyor. The Debyssers are electrically driven or, optionally, the units can be driven by hydraulics. The Debyssers are fabricated from food grade stainless steel and plastic materials and the chain, sprockets and knurled rods are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes.